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Real money games have changed a lot over the years. As more and more people play these games, the demand for variety has increased. Because of this, casino game developers had to come up with new games that could keep consumers interested.

When it comes to games, arcade games are always beautiful and fun. Both hardcore and casual players can easily appreciate such games and many online casinos now offer them.

Some of the most popular real money arcade games right now are Fish Catch, Arkanoid and the recently popular unique game called Aviator.

The Aviator game is a new breed of social multiplayer game, although it has nothing to do with The Aviator movie. It first gained popularity in the video game industry and has become popular in the crypto casino industry due to its simplicity and excellent gaming experience.

The game features an ever-increasing curve that may crash at any time; When the game starts, a multiplier scale continuously increases. The player must cash out before the plane takes off.

The Aviator game concept

The game concept includes that as a player you enjoy the thrill of being a pilot; Your earnings depend on how high you can lift the plane. The plane’s altitude equals the multiplier used to calculate final payouts after a game session.

During the game you need to stop the takeoff at a convenient time before the plane reaches its maximum altitude – the multiplier will stop growing if you don’t stop the plane before it reaches a high altitude.

If the climb ends and you don’t cash out the bet you lose, but if you are smart enough and not greedy a multiplier of 2-3 before the climb ends is enough to maximize your winnings over the course of the game Time.

Aviator Game Technology and Algorithm

The game’s algorithm is simple: in each game round you place a bet and the multiplier increases based on artificial intelligence and a random number generator. Nevertheless, the multiplier stops growing at any point.

It is important to play the game at a casino that offers transparency about your gameplay. You must know that the multiplier value is not generated on the online casino server. Instead, the multiplier value is determined based on the data of players who participated in a specific game session.

Aviator Game Features

A common feature of the game is the simple gameplay; Anyone new to the game can quickly learn and be good at its gameplay, tactics and strategies. It is also a game of chance and anyone can win. Although there are specific game strategies, you have to learn how to win.

Here are some of the excellent game features of the Aviator game:

Auto play

When you play the Aviator game you can set a loss limit and bet automatically for a maximum of 10 rounds. The game has an autoplay feature that will play the game automatically for players. And when you set a loss limit, gaming sessions end automatically based on the set limit.

Even so, you should end your gaming session whenever you want, regardless of whether the autoplay feature is enabled.

Automatic payout

The game pays out your winnings automatically when you set a multiplier amount. To illustrate, you might want to autoplay and cash out at ×2 if you think it’s safe.

Huge multipliers

With huge multipliers, players can earn big. For example, players can get lucky and the plane can reach a multiplier of ×300.

Can you play Aviator on your mobile device?

The Aviator game can be played on Android and Apple devices. You can download casino apps that offer this game like 10CRIC, 1xBet, MostBet and Pin-Up. However, if you’d rather not download it, you should still be able to play it on your mobile device.

Most of the online casinos that offer this game are optimized for mobile use, so all you need is a powerful device, the internet and your favorite mobile browser.

Conclusion – Why arcade games take off

Aviator is just one of the few arcade games that you can now play at online casinos. Surely, people who frequented arcades back then would be happy to know that such games are now available in online casinos and they can actually win real money by playing them.

Apart from Aviator, fishing games get quite a hype at online casinos. This is because it is a fun and relaxing game that you can play for hours. Even in regular arcades, this is a game that many adults would love to play, so putting it online with real money only puts the game in a better light.

Thanks to technology, all of this is possible. It will come as no surprise that soon more types of arcade games will be popular in online casinos. While the classic real money games like poker and slots are great, a good old arcade game can definitely take casino gaming to a whole new level.

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